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    553,30 лв.
    Riester ri-thermo fastPRObe – Riester Fast Reading Thermometer

    The Riester ri-thermo® fastPRObe is an electronic, probe thermometer for quick and accurate body temperature measurements. Designed for professional use in the daily routine, offering oral, rectal and axillary measurements.

    Professional electronic thermometer for quick and accurate body temperature measurements.
    Designed for professional use in the daily routine. Support for oral, rectal and axillary measurements.

    The Riester ri-thermo® fastPRObe is a versatile, German designed, engineered and manufactured, general purpose thermometer with measurement progress bar and additional pulse measurement ability.

    Its robust design makes it perfect for everyday clinical use in a multitude of settings, with convenient probe storage.

    Day In, Day Out Accuracy

    Fever, particularly in children, is one of the most common contributors to the workload in primary care.1 Accurate and fast temperature measurements are essential in everyday clinical patient assessment for correct diagnosis.

    Convenience & Reliability For Routine Use

    Fast & Accurate
    › Fast & reliable oral, axillary and rectal measuring in 60 sec. [direct mode]
    › Accurate to ± 0.1°C (± 0.2°F) / F: ± 0.3°C (± 0.5°F)
    › Meets ISO 80601-2-56:2017 thermometry standards

    Safe & Versatile
    › Color coded, single use probe covers to distinguish between between oral/axillary (blue) and rectal (red), used with probe covers to reduce risk of cross infection

    › 1000+ measurements on one set of batteries
    › Designed for patient comfort

    Ease of Use
    › Pulse timer & additional pulse measurement function
    › Convenient built in storage for 20 probe covers
    › Large, back-lit screen with measurement progress bar
    › 1000 + measurements with one set of batteries
    › Switchable from Celsius to Fahrenheit
    › Automatic On / Off


    Height70 mm
    Weight400 gm
    Breadth70 mm
    Length205 mm
    Normal operation conditionsAmbient operating temperature range: 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F), at 10 % – 85 % non-condensing Storage and transport conditions: -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 109°F), at 10 % – 95 % non-condensing
    Temperature display34°C to 43°C (93.2°F to 109°F)
    AccuracyLaboratory accuracy water bath accuracy (36° to 42.0°C): Direct measuring mode ± 0.1°C (± 0.2°F), fast measuring mode ± 0.3°C (± 0.5°F), Direct / Fast measuring mode accuracy (all measuring points) D: ± 0.1°C (± 0.2°F) / F: ± 0.3°C (± 0.5°F)
    Power4 x AA, LR6 Alkaline 1.5 V or 4 x AA Mignon NiMH 1.2 V
    Typical measurement times (after position of the probe)Direct measuring mode oral mode: 60 sec., axillary mode: 60 sec., rectal mode: 60 sec. Fast measuring mode oral mode: 12 sec., axillary mode: 12 sec., rectal mode: 12 sec.
    Medical equipment:Electronic thermometer
    Electrical protection:Device with internal voltage supply
    Electrical degree of protection:Type B
    Operating mode:Continuous manual operation
    Air pressure700 to 1050 hPa
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    998,00 лв.

    Riester RPT-100 clinical grade predictive thermometer

    • Fast and reliable readings
    • Comes with with oral/axillary (blue) or rectal (red) probe
    • Predictive temperature module (Covidien Filac 3000 technology)
    • Oral Quick Mode: +/- 0.3°C / 0.54°F, 3-5 seconds
    • Oral Standard Mode: +/- 0.1°C / 0.18°F, 6-10 seconds
    • Axillary Accuracy: +/- 0.1°C / 0.18°F, 8-12 seconds
    • Rectal Accuracy: +/- 0.1°C / 0.18°F, 10-14 seconds
    • Direct Mode: +/- 0.1°C / 0.18°F, 60-120 seconds
    • Measurement range: 30°C to 43°C (86°F to 109°F)
    • Cold Mode for hypothermic patients.
    • Icon-based user interface on backlit LCD display.
    • Interchangeable isolation chambers with matching probes.
    • “Auto-On”, “Auto-off” feature.
    • Last temperature recall.
    • Utilizes packs of 20 disposable probe covers.


    Height7 cm
    Weight200 gm
    Breadth15 cm
    Length30 cm
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