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    205,10 лв.
    Riester ri-thermo® tymPRO+

    Clinical grade, TYMPANIC Thermometer with BLUETOOTH® connectivity

    Accuracy starts with thetympanic membrane
    “One recommendation to improve the technique of eartemperature measurement would be to design an instrumentthat allows the operator to visualise the tympanic membranewhile detecting the infrared radiation emitted from it.”

    The Riester ri-thermo® tymPRO+ is a clinical grade tympanic thermometer with guiding indicator and advanced measuring technology. The unique Riester probe cover with dispenser box provides an efficient workflow, minimizing cross contamination.


    Fast & Accurate

    • Clinical grade reading in 1-2 seconds
    • Guide indicator ensures accurate sensor placement
    • Tympanic measurements calibrated to an oral reference,reflects core body temperature
    Safe & Efficient
    • Unique Riester disposable probe covers help prevent cross infection
    • Integrated cradle with convenient probe cover storage
    • Durable, robust design for dayto day use; Meets EN 60601-1 Standard
    Ease of Use
    • 3000 measurements on one set of batteries
    • Single hand operation
    • Probe Cover designed for patient comfort
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