Laryngoscopes with Direct Illumination

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    92,46 лв.
    Riester ri-standard Laryngoscope Blade

    ri-standard – Riester’s economy line of high quality laryngoscpes at an affordable price with direct illumination.

    Product details

    • 2.7 V vacuum light source, removable at the distal end of the blades
    • Full range of Macintosh and Miller blades
    • Sterilisation by autoclave (134° C / 273° F for 5 minutes)
    • Almost unlimited life-span of stainless steel blades
    • Designed for simple intubation and good visibility
    • The rounded edges of the Macintosh blade reduce the risk of injury
    • The flat design of the Miller blade provides good visibility of the epiglottis and vocal chords.
    • Blade size 00 for neonates.


    Height25 mm
    Weight75 gm
    Breadth17 mm
    Length205 mm
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